Welcome to the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures' website, Starting out from 23.5°N: Chen Cheng-po. Users’ personal privacy is respected and protected by this website via the following privacy policy.

I. Scope of Application

This policy applies to the gathering, handling, and use of information associated with your access and use of this website.

II. Collection and use of information

Users can log into the website with Open ID, Facebook ID, Google ID, and Yahoo ID to maintain their browsing history. The website will only store your e-mail address, and will not keep passwords or any other information.

III. Personal Information Disclosure

This website will not disclose any of your personal information to a third party unless either:

  1) As required by a judicial body via appropriate legal procedure, due to concerns for public or users’ safety.
  2) You have given the site express permission to share your personal information.

IV. The Operation of Cookies

Cookies are information packets sent by the web servers to identify web browsers. You can setup your browser to accept or deny cookies; if you choose to deny cookies, you will not be able to access to some of the services offered by this website. This website will write and read cookies in the following circumstances:

  1) In order to compile statistics on the number of browsers and to analyze browsing modes and conditions, as a basis for
    improving the services of this website.
  2) In order to facilitate other services on this website, cookies will provide the site with relevant information about browser
    and system capabilities.

V. Contact us

Should you have any question about the privacy policy, or the site's information usage rights, please contact us via e-mail: ascdc@sinica.edu.tw