When it comes to modern art's development in Taiwan, Chiayi born artist Chen Cheng-po (1895-1947) cannot simply be overlooked. Chen’s Outside Chiayi Street was selected for the Imperial Art Exhibition (Teiten) when he was still an art student in Japan, making him the first Taiwanese to earn the honor with an oil painting. Over the course of his life, Chen produced many artworks representing scenes of life and landscape in Taiwan infused with his personal vision, and conveyed them to the world. He was also an organizer and active participant in many significant Taiwanese artistic societies and exhibitions during the Japanese ruling period and early postwar years. In addition, during his stay in Shanghai, Chen experimented in integrating western painting techniques with Chinese painting skills while interacting local Chinese artists, which was an unusual experience among his peers.

Chen’s life of artistic experience and accomplishment manifested his passion for artistic creation and served as a window through which later generations could view the development of Western art in Taiwan. Chiayi, located on the Tropic of Cancer, was Chen’s hometown and a repeated theme in his paintings. This website is therefore named Starting Out from 23.5°N: Chen Cheng-po, and the artist's hometown provides the starting point for a deeper exploration of a Taiwanese art movement's initial stages.

This website is planned and created by the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures (ASCDC). Its main materials come from the digital archives of Chen Cheng-po’s Paintings and Documents, the result of cooperative efforts from the Institute of Taiwan History at the Academia Sinica, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City, and Chen Cheng Po Cultural Foundation. Applying related research achievements and information technology, we are able to visualize Chen’s works, correspondences, photos, news clips, and personal collections through 10 different themes, creating a three-dimensional context in time and space through which the audience can discover Chen Cheng-po’s life and times.

We sincerely invite you to begin this journey with us.

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